The Climate Cannibal Symbol

The symbol above, representing the plate in the S.P.E.W logo, is the mark of the Climate Cannibal uprising.

The circle represnts our planet whilst the marks intersecting the circle represent our gritted cannibalistic teeth of determination. This symbol is intended to raise awareness of the Climate Cannibal campaign and the urgent need for the people of the world to come together and change their habits in order to save the planet.

You can help to raise awareness of S.P.E.W's Climate Cannibal campaign by creating instances of this symbol in locations across the globe. Disrupt the sterile landscape of our capitalist consumer society by creating the Climate Cannibal symbol at strategic locations within the public realm.

Whether you've simply posted a copy of the climate cannibal symbol on the wall in your workplace, or created a magnificent public display of the symbol, we'd love to see photos of your climate cannibal symbols. Upload your photos here and we'll add them to the climate cannibal symbol image gallery below.

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