Get Involved

We Need Your Support

It doesn’t matter whether you have a little bit or a lot of time to spare – we can use your help. Whether its fundraising and lobbying for change on behalf of S.P.E.W, or simply the act of sending an email or signing a petition. Follow the links below to find out how you can get involved.

Sign the Petition

Possibly the quickest and most simple way to contribute to the S.P.E.W campaign. Add your name to our petition and we will submit it as evidence of the growing global Climate Cannibal movement.

Become a Member

This fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs change. It needs solutions. It needs you.

Submit a Recipe

Share your recipe ideas and help to encourage others to take up the Climate Cannibal challenege and change their diet to help save the planet.

S.P.E.W Shop

Show your support for S.P.E.W with some of our official merchandise. Our online shop offers a range of items including stylish t-shirts, mugs, and sew-on patches.

Organise an Event

why not help raise awareness of the S.P.E.W campaign by organising an event within your local community.